Our Process

Dream, develop, and launch your video membership or course-based website in as little as eight weeks with Hatchtag. From consultation to launch, we will work with you to build a powerful and successful foundation for your content.

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Build your Business on a solid foundation

At Hatchtag, we believe that design and development should be client-focused and human-centric. That is why our eight-week process starts with a conversation. We know that behind your brand is a team of dedicated and passionate people, and we want you to be able to convey that passion and focus to your customers.

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The Foundation Phase

In the Foundation Phase, we develop the essential elements of your website through Market & SEO Research, Copywriting, and Development. We work closely with you to determine the best way that your solution can reach customers and grow quickly.

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Step 1


Our eight-week process begins with an initial consultation and questionnaire to learn more about your goals and expectations. Then, together, we will find a market position that can grow your brand using SEO research and competitive analysis.

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Step 2


Our copywriting team will take both your brand goals and our research to develop conversion-driven copy for your website. Helping users find what they are looking for fast, with clear and concise messaging that drives visitors to become customers.

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Step 3

Development & Launch

The development process will bring to life an optimized website that showcases your brand. Once approved and finalized, it’s time to launch your site to the world. We then utilize Google Analytics and Search Console to help raise your site’s visibility fast.

Level Up Your Foundation

We are proud to offer three powerful add-ons that will help you supercharge your video membership or course-based website. As an extension of our Foundation package, Hatchtag offers you the tools you need to increase your success.

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Custom Web Design

With a clear focus on the UX and UI design of your website, our design team will craft an engaging and intuitive homepage design built with a strong conversion pathway so that visitors become customers.

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Custom Logo Design

Share your brand’s story with a logo design that is both eye-catching and memorable. Our custom logo design will reach your target audience by offering a clear and cohesive look that encapsulates your brand.

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Digital Press Release

Using a conversion-focused and results-driven digital press release will help kickstart the SEO of your website in the short-term, while we wait for Google to finish crawling, indexing, and ranking your optimized site.

Fine-Tune Your Site

Within just eight weeks from your initial consultation, you will have an optimized website that is primed and ready for growth. When you are ready to take your site to the next level, our team will work with you to analyze your performance and offer enhancements that will help you make the most of your platform.

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Let's Get Growing

All successful projects begin with a conversation and, throughout the Foundation Phase, we will work together to discover how your brand’s potential can be maximized through our focus on Search Engine Optimization and Conversion-Centric Messaging.

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