Stage 2: Create

Your Complete VOD Design and Development Team

Video has quickly become one of the most effective ways to reach audiences online. As a Uscreen-preferred Video On Demand website developer, Hatchtag has the tools to help you create the perfect experience for your subscribers.

Hatchtag - Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency - 2. Prototype
Hatchtag - Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency - 3. Development

How We Create

At Hatchtag, we utilize an agile project management process that divides design and development into sprint-based milestones. Each of these milestones includes iterative steps and an overall review to make sure we are meeting our expectations, along with yours. Throughout the Create process, our team will work closely with you to keep you updated on the latest development progress and ensure your satisfaction with the project.

Our Creation Process


Copywriting & SEO

The first step is to create messaging for your new VOD website. Our Copywriting and SEO team will take the information from our initial consultation conversations and build copy that drives engagement and subscriptions. We also perform SEO keyword research to ensure that your content ranks and reaches the right audience.


If you already have a solid brand identity, we will utilize it in the design process. If not, our team will help develop your brand’s identity with colors and a logo that will integrate directly into your VOD website.

UI & UX Prototype

With branding and copy prepared, we will build a prototype of the UI (User Interface) for your VOD website. Together, we will build a product that fits your brand design using the Uscreen VOD system to make sure that the interface is built to encourage visitors to subscribe.

Design & Development

In this final stage, we will build your VOD website around the Uscreen system to ensure a seamless subscription process and intuitive overall experience. We create a platform that fits the needs of your audience.

Review & Approval

Once the final design and development are complete, we will present the site to you for a final review. You will have a chance to provide feedback on tweaks and changes that might need to be made before going live with your new VOD website.


Once approved, your new Video On Demand website will go live and we will optionally help you announce the website to your audience. Upon launch, we will immediately move into the calibrate phase - where we collect site performance and traffic data that we can use to ensure your website remains effective over time.

A Client-First Approach

Hatchtag operates on a philosophy of openness, collaboration, and service. We pride ourselves on being the type of digital marketing agency that treats our clients as partners – not just clients. Our goal is to help you create the best possible Video On Demand website for your target audience.

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Create With Hatchtag

Throughout the Create phase, our team will work with you to build the Video On Demand website that you need. The process doesn’t stop with a fantastic website – our final phase is to Calibrate your new VOD website to ensure it’s reaching the right subscribers and boosting your potential. Click below to learn about our Calibrate process, or schedule your consultation now!
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