Stage 1: Consult

Your VOD Journey Begins With A Conversation

At Hatchtag, we believe that design and development should be client-focused and human-centric. That is why your VOD website design and development process starts with a conversation. We know that behind your brand is a team of dedicated and passionate people, and we want you to be able to convey that passion and focus to your subscribers.

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Consult with Hatchtag

In the initial consultation phase, we will cover the essential elements of your Video On Demand website. We will ask questions to gain a better understanding of your goals and audience. We will work with you to determine the best way that your VOD solution can meet these needs in a meaningful manner.

Our Consultation Process


You Share Your Goals and Needs

The first step to a successful Video On Demand solution is understanding our client's goals, audiences, and usage patterns. We will spend time learning about your business and target markets to ensure that we are crafting the best user experience possible.

We Determine Market Positioning

In this phase, we determine what makes your Video On Demand service unique and help you to find a market position that can grow your brand. This process includes early-stage SEO research and competitive analysis to identify opportunities that can help you stand out.

Data-Driven Validation Drives Design

The validation process includes both qualitative and quantitative research methods to examine how your product performs in the marketplace. We will use our initial research to inform our design and development phases.

The Design Process Is Developed

Last but not least, we will determine how long it will take to develop and launch your Video On Demand solution. Our data-driven and conversational consultation lay the groundwork for the Create phase. We will also discuss pricing, payment options, and how the Uscreen VOD platform is built to scale with your business.

Next Steps

Depending on the nature of your business, our initial consultation process can be as quick as one to two weeks. During this time, we will work closely with you to find what aspects of our VOD solution are the best fit for you, and how the process will take shape moving forward.

If we feel we are a good fit for each other and your goals and needs can be met through our process, we will continue the conversation and move forward to the Create phase.

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Hatchtag - Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency - 3. Development

Start Your Video On Demand Journey

The best designs begin with a conversation. Throughout our consultation process, we will work together to discover how your brand’s potential can be maximized through a custom-built VOD solution. Once our initial consultation is complete, it’s time to bring your Video On Demand site to life! Click below to learn more about our Create process, or Schedule Your Consultation to get started today!
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