Stage 3: Calibrate

Calibration Experts That Know Today’s Digital Trends

Our final phase of VOD website development is Calibration. In this phase, we will analyze your website users’ viewing behaviors, patterns, and site analytics to ensure that your Uscreen-powered Video On Demand site is reaching its full potential.

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Calibrate Your Success

Your VOD journey doesn’t end at launch! Through the Calibrate stage, we collect real-time user data and analyze the results to measure the performance of your new VOD website. Using advanced analytics and data-driven validation methods, our team will provide recommendations to help you implement improvements for your Video On Demand site.

Our Calibration Process


Advanced Analytics

Once your site is launched, we take a look at your site's analytics and traffic data to establish where we can improve upon things that users either aren't interacting with or don’t understand. We utilize industry-leading tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Uscreen’s own native analytics to make sure your Video On Demand website is performing effectively.

Data-Driven Validation

Based on the results of our advanced analytics phase, we will validate your site’s data to ascertain the most effective and accurate recommendations for your Video On Demand site. We will identify what changes need to be made and provide you with a detailed report that is completely actionable based upon the most updated data available.

Improvement Guidance & Recommendations

We will provide you with a list of recommendations for your site, and help you implement them for a better user experience - whether it’s modifying site navigation, updating the content and copy, or anything in between. Our aim is to help you improve your site performance with the most actionable recommendations available.


With recommendations in hand, we will work with you to implement any necessary updates or changes. We will also provide you with an understanding of how to maintain your site’s performance and ensure that you are fully equipped to make additional changes in the future.

A VOD Website Built for Tomorrow

We believe that your VOD website should impress today and last for years to come. That is why we invest time and resources into a fully-formed Calibrate phase – to ensure that your website thrives. A fully calibrated VOD site helps your brand get found, be heard, and sell more.
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