Your VOD Website Journey

At Hatchtag, we believe that successful products are built when clients are given a seat at the table. That is why our Video On Demand website development services involve you from day one. Learn more about our VOD design process below.

Hatchtag - Full-Service Digital Marketing - 1. Validate
Hatchtag - Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency - Don't Be Just Another Statistic

Stage 1: Consult

 1-2 Weeks

Every successful product design journey begins with a conversation. In our first stage, we work with you to gain a better understanding of your company’s goals and needs. We follow qualitative research methods and data-driven validation procedures to identify opportunities that can help your Video On Demand service stand out from the competition.

  • 1.1 Your Goals & Needs
  • 1.2 Market Positioning
  • 1.3 Data-Driven Validation
  • 1.4 Strategy Development

Stage 2: Create

1+ Month

After our initial consultation and research, we will begin to design and develop your Video On Demand website. From copywriting and SEO to UX and UI design, we will work together to create the perfect VOD website solution for your brand.

  • 2.1 Copywriting & SEO
  • 2.2 Branding
  • 2.3 UI & UX Prototype
  • 2.4 Design & Development
  • 2.5 Review & Approval
  • 2.6 Launch!
Hatchtag - Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency - 2. Prototype
Hatchtag - Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency - 3. Development
Hatchtag - Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency - 4. Measure
Hatchtag - Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency - We care about you and your business

Stage 3: Calibrate

As Needed

The journey doesn’t end at launch! In our Calibrate stage, we collect real-time user data and analyze the results to measure the performance of your new VOD website. Using advanced analytics and data-driven validation methods, our team will provide guidance and recommendation to help you continue improving and growing your Video On Demand site.

  • 3.1 Advanced Analytics
  • 3.2 Data-Driven Validation
  • 3.3 Improvement Guidance
  • 3.4 Implementation

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