Case study

The Gym Las Vegas

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Project Overview

Rob Martinez, the owner and performance director of The Gym Las Vegas, knows the struggles of running a small business. He works hard and always improves the level of value he can provide his clients. Coach Rob was named the Best Preps Trainer in Las Vegas by Vegas Seven Magazine and continues to be one of the most respected High School and Collegiate athlete trainers in the area.

The Gym Las Vegas’ previous website was little more than a glorified business card. It did nothing to convert visitors into clients except maybe to say “Hi, we exist.” Website traffic was dismal and business remained steady on word of mouth alone. Rob knew his DIY website was no longer cutting it and was ready to take things to the next level.

Colors & Typography

Lime Green
Moderate Blue
Dark Gray

We went dark and modern, with Moderate Blue and Dark Gray, to highlight the physicality of the images used throughout the website. Powerful and striking, with a just a touch of sex appeal. After all, they run a family training facility. Then we popped in some Lime Green for accents to give an air of electricity and freshness.


Obviously, we really like Montserrat, a typeface drawing inspiration from signs in a historic neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina. So much so, we’ll probably write a blog post about its merits, so stay tuned.

Open Sans

For the body text, we used Open Sans, because it is easy to read and friendly in appearance.


The end result is increased traffic and has bolstered TGLV’s expansion in adding several new personal trainers to support the influx of clients, as well as the move into a brand-new location. Currently, Rob’s site has over two dozen page one rankings. Six sit at position one, four at position two, two at position three, and the rest at positions four, five, and six respectively.

The Gym Las Vegas’ domain authority puts them ahead of local rival and national competitor This is the power of organic SEO.