Case study

The B2Group

Event Production
Market Research, SEO, Conversion-Centric Messaging, Wordpress Development

Project Overview

The B2Group came to Hatchtag because they felt that their existing website did not match the quality of their work, brand, or reputation. B2G was missing opportunities to engage with more clients because their entire business was referral based and they were missing out on tons of web traffic. By focusing on the playful creativity of the team, we helped them communicate the feeling of how much fun they are to work with.

B2G had a long one-page website that took an eternity to scroll through on mobile; and, worse, was filled with too little copy to win any search engine rankings in a highly competitive market. One-pagers can be a marvel to look at but typically have little to no SEO value. By building out the site into a multi-page layout with keyword-rich copy, the B2Group now has a website that showcases their expertise and the diversity of their team.

Colors & Typography

Sapphire Blue
Mostly Blue
Vivid Rose

To echo B2G’s hip and playful brand identity, we felt that a classic early 90’s color combo a la Lisa Frank depicted the bouncy millennial vibe for a deeply talented team that “takes their work seriously, but not always themselves.” There is just enough Magenta in the Mostly Blue to meld with the Vivid Rose and compliment the Sapphire Blue.


We primarily went with Montserrat, a libre sans typeface designed by Julieta Ulanovsky. It mixes old world class with modern sleek, drawing inspiration from signage found in a historic neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Playfair Display

For accent we used Playfair Display, a serif typeface created by Danish designer Claus Eggers Sørensen, that is influenced by late 18th century typefaces like Baskerville yet still plays fair with the modern Montserrat.


A playful and hip feel to the overall site experience targets their market well since event planning is usually the domain of millennials these days, even at big corporate companies. Because of this, B2G’s primary source of website traffic has always been social media. It is too soon for a complete SEO analysis but, within a few weeks of launch, traffic coming from organic search results has already matched traffic from social media.

It is also important to note that having an entire page on your website for every single service you provide delivers huge returns in search engine rankings. We fully expect the B2Group to become very competitive on Google and other search engines.