Case study

Storm TV

Market Research, SEO, Conversion-Centric Messaging, Uscreen Website Development

Project Overview

As one of their preferred, third-party developers, Lacey Sculls was referred to Hatchtag by Uscreen. Having built a successful podcast and vlog through Talk of Love with Lacey Sculls, she was ready to take things to the next level with the web’s premier streaming service for the Golden Age of Reality TV.

Phase 1 of STORM TV included brand development, logo design, and landing page design and development. We then filled out her new Video On Demand landing page with targeted copywriting that is aimed at her key demographics and built for conversion to subscriptions.

On the backend, we set up the Uscreen platform for STORM TV’s content and worked one-on-one with Lacey to walk her through how to set up and use Uscreen on her own. Prior to launch, we put together a digital Press Release that was syndicated by over 300 authority news outlets to significantly bolster Storm TV’s organic SEO right out of the gate.

Phase 2 of STORM TV’s development will consist of ongoing SEO analysis, as well as further development of the STORM TV content library and site design – including custom page design and development, blogs, continued content marketing, and a potential merch shop.

Colors & Typography

Black Russian
Pacific Blue

To give STORM TV the edge and feel that fans know and love, we built the brand design around Black, Black Russian, and accents of Pacific Blue. These colors help bring a sense of drama and excitement to the page and accentuate the high-quality video content throughout the site.

In designing the typography for STORM TV, we wanted to offset the darker colors with a clear and bold font. The selected fonts are stylistic choices that help draw visitors through the site’s information and entice them to subscribe.


Oxygen, designed by Vernon Adams, is part of the GNU+Linux libre desktop KDE Project. The font provides ease of use and fast rendering across all operating systems, browsers, and devices.


Montserrat is a classic font designed by artist and developer Julieta Ulanovsky. Inspired by the Montserrat neighborhood of Buenos Aeries, this font features clear lines that encourage reading in both short and longer texts.


The STORM TV Video On Demand website officially launched on October 1, 2021, and within the first month and a half had already gained over 1,000 paying subscribers, with over one-third of all website traffic coming from organic SEO. Hatchtag is excited to partner with reality TV star Lacey Sculls on further development and content opportunities as Storm TV continues to grow and gain popularity.