Case study

Solve For Why

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Project Overview

Solve For Why partnered with Hatchtag to craft and implement their Video On Demand site, Solve For Why TV. Developing their brand-new VOD website with the Uscreen platform ensured they could stream all of their content through the Solve For Why TV site with minimal maintenance or upkeep.

Once Solve For Why TV was complete, we further built out the Solve For Why web presence by implementing an Affiliate portal powered by Rewardful, as well as a conversion and authority-focused Blog on the Ghost platform. We then built the Solve For Why Academy & Merch site using both Shopify and Printful.

Combining our digital marketing expertise with in-depth customer research, Solve For Why now has a powerful web presence that has allowed them to become a leading voice in the poker industry. Solve For Why TV offers poker players a premium VOD experience that sets them apart, and their Affiliate portal, Blog, and Academy/Merch sites have increased their ability to engage the brand’s target audience and provide ongoing value.

Colors & Typography

Tangerine Yellow
Lucky Point

Being from Pittsburgh, Matt really loves the Steelers. Balancing yellow and black can be tricky on the eyes so we went for a more muted Steelers yellow called Tangerine Yellow. The feeling of competition and drama works well for the advanced poker training space and stays true to the Steelers colors.

To drive a competitive feel that echoes the sentiment of competing at a high-stakes poker table, we selected a variety of fonts for use across Solve For Why’s websites. The fonts complement the design of the websites, clearly showcasing information while drawing your attention to the content presented.

Work Sans

For the Solve For Why TV and Academy sites, we chose the font Work Sans created by Australian designer Wei Huang. Work Sans offers a simplified version of the early Grotesques typeface, designed to offer a clean look and feel.


Since launch, the Solve For Why TV VOD website has landed on pages one and two for dozens of its top keywords. The virtually maintenance-free Uscreen Video On Demand platform has helped boost Solve For Why TV’s organic traffic and conversion rates, leading to several hundred paying subscribers. With the help of Hatchtag, Solve For Why has been able to extend its reach beyond Las Vegas to the greater international poker community, culminating in sold-out training events and a greater digital presence. We are excited to see what the future brings for Matt Berkey and Solve For Why.

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