Case study

DFW Microblading of Murrieta & Temecula

Market Research, SEO, Conversion-Centric Messaging, Wordpress Website Development, Blogging

Project Overview

Amanda had a successful and established microblading practice and consistently booked schedule working out of DFW Microblading in Dallas, TX. After relocating to California, she knew she’d be starting over but assumed that with the quality of her work she’d have no problem getting busy quickly. After three months, despite her immense skill, she was struggling to stay open because no one seemed to find her. SPOILER: Local SEO services save the day!

She brought her existing website to Hatchtag for a review in May of 2017. First, we explained that her website was tied to the Dallas and Ft. Worth locations of DFW Microblading. This was killing her local search value. Also, the site felt generic and had no clear conversion pathways for visitors to contact her. In June of 2017, we launched with a custom consultation scheduling tool and a fresh look.

Colors & Typography

Pure Pink
Strong Cyan
Soft Yellow

There’s not much to say about this color palette of Pure Pink, Strong Cyan, and Soft Yellow. It is fashionista, funky, and fun.

Source Sans Pro

Our main font choice was designed by Paul D. Hunt. Source Sans Pro was Adobe’s first open-source typeface. It was created for clarity and legibility for use in user interfaces. Source Sans is inspired by twentieth-century American gothic typeface.


Montserrat again!?!? You know what? I’m just going to write a love letter to Julieta Ulanonvsky, the designer of Montserrat, since it keeps popping up on our sites. Perhaps it is a sign that we should be together forever?


Properly tagging and optimizing Amanda’s website has resulted in some stunning rankings. is currently page 1 for more than 10 of her top keywords, 4 of them in position 1. Off the strength of a single digital syndicated press release, she also ranks on page 2 for every city for 25 miles. Local SEO services. ‘Nuff said.

The website’s domain authority (a big picture look at the search engine value of the site on applicable keywords) is now a 45, ahead of the popular coupon site Groupon and, her parent company in Dallas. More astonishing, she only trails by 2 points. The best part? She is booked solid.