July 7, 2022

Turn Your Subscribers Into a Revenue-Generating Machine with a Rewardful Affiliate Program

Evan Terrell

Today's sales world is full of tips and tricks on boosting revenue and engagement. However, one tried-and-true method that still works is word-of-mouth marketing.

Building your subscriber base is always a top priority if you own a Video On Demand (VOD) website. Why not incentivize your viewers to help you do so?

You can turn those subscribers into a revenue-generating machine by implementing an affiliate and referral program! All someone has to do is introduce your service into the conversation online, and you'll take care of the rest.

In this article, you'll get the lowdown on what affiliate and referral programs are, how you can use an affiliate program for your VOD site, and why integrating Rewardful is a quick way to set up your website's referral program.

What Is an Affiliate Program?

The word “affiliate” comes from the term “affiliated sales.” Affiliate marketing is simply a type of performance-based marketing that allows you to receive commissions based on sales or leads that your affiliate partners generate.

Affiliates can generate revenue by promoting your products and services through links, banners, contextual text links, or other types of online advertisements.

As others click on these affiliate links, they’ll go through a conversion funnel with specific steps that will ultimately lead to a purchase or sign-up.

Once they become a paying customer, the affiliate is then rewarded with a percentage of that sale - while you enjoy a new subscriber, loyal customer, and a new income stream.

Why Affiliate Marketing and VOD?

VOD sites are popular among a wide range of viewers, from traditional broadcast watchers looking for on-demand options to digital natives seeking out new content. The rise of video content has created a unique opportunity for streaming sites to tap into a loyal paying market.

However, VOD owners can struggle to grow their subscriber base and maximize revenue.

Enter affiliate and referral marketing programs.

With an affiliate program, you can provide your loyal viewers with an opportunity to receive commissions for the subscribers and sales they refer.

This way, you can increase your subscriber base while also increasing your revenue! Plus, your affiliates become part of your team - increasing customer retention and engagement rates.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing & VOD

Affiliate marketing and Video On Demand websites go together like a gourmet meal and fine wine. Here are some of the benefits of using an affiliate program with your streaming site:

More Traffic: By promoting content on social media or through email, you can reach a wider audience who will be more likely to find your content appealing. More traffic means greater chances for subscribers to become loyal customers.

More Purchases: Affiliates usually tell their close connections about the products they love. Once someone is convinced by their friend to buy, it’s more likely that they will also share the product with their network of connections. That means more sales for you!

Increased Revenue: An affiliate program can be a real game-changer for your streaming service. As your partners promote your content, you can enjoy an increase in your subscriber base. This increase in subscriptions may allow you to charge more for each of them - which means more revenue!

Potential for Passive Income: A great benefit of affiliate programs is that they can run passively once you set up your campaign. Your partners will continue to drive traffic and generate sales without having to do anything new on your website or on their own. Since they work for you, all of the revenue goes back to you!

Rewardful Makes It Easy to Create a Loyal Audience with Your Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing with Rewardful makes the process quick and easy. With a Rewardful integration via Uscreen, you can easily create a powerful affiliate and referral program that rewards your viewers for promoting your content. Plus, with integration with popular payment systems such as Stripe, generating affiliate income is fast and effective.

Rewardful offers a variety of customizable options that make it easy for affiliates to sign up, start sharing customized links and codes to subscribe for your content, and get rewarded on any signup or other billing event.

Even better - with a Rewardful affiliate program, your affiliates will be able to manage their own revenue and see how much money they’re earning through an easy-to-use dashboard.

Affiliates can track their earnings over time as well as filter referrals. This helps you focus on creating a great product and your affiliates can focus on promoting it as much as possible!

Rewardful’s automation tools make it easy for you to offer commissions on new subscriptions, upgrades, and more.

Start Your Own VOD Affiliate and Referral Program with Hatchtag

You can see the difference an affiliate program makes for your streaming platform in no time with Rewardful.

With its easy integration with the Uscreen VOD platform, Rewardful is the premier way to create a powerful affiliate and referral program for your VOD website.

At Hatchtag, our team of experts can help you get started with Rewardful and Uscreen. We will help you build a powerful VOD website and help you set up your affiliate system to get you started on the right track.

Want to learn more? Schedule a consultation with the Hatchtag team today to discuss your options - and discover how a Rewardful affiliate program can boost your potential!

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