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July 7, 2022

Plan Your Content, Plan Your Year: Use This Strategy To Build Out Your Video Content Calendar

Evan Terrell

One of the best ways to take advantage of the rise of video content is to build a subscription-based video on demand (SVOD) business. Not only are viewing hours rising for VOD content, but revenue is rising for those who take advantage of this unique consumer market, as well.

You may have a great idea for a VOD business, but coming up with new content to stream consistently throughout the year can seem daunting.

Planning out your video content calendar is key to building and maintaining a growing video on demand business model. Here are some tips to help you plan out and schedule your video development for an entire year.


1. Make a list of video content that is already available.

Start by making a list of all the currently available videos on your VOD website. This will be used as a base to build upon, so it's important to be thorough and complete when listing all the videos you have.

You can then use this list to inform your future video creation based on metrics such as views, shares, and more. Giving your subscribers the content they love is a sure-fire way to boost your business.


2. Plan out what types of new video content you're going for.

Trying to go from zero content on your VOD website to a full library of new content within a year can be overwhelming and difficult if you don't have a plan.

Rather than jumping straight into production, take time to think about the types of video you want to make and how often you want something new to be available to your subscribers.


3. Plan seasonal video content.

One way to make sure you have a steady stream of new content is to plan videos that are specific to certain times of the year. This can help keep your audience engaged while also tapping into popular trends.

Experiment with different types of video content and see what hits your audience in the right way - then plan for more!


4. Find ways to repurpose video content.

Don't just plan out brand-new videos. Plan how you can repurpose your content as well.

For example, if you want to introduce a series of "how-to" videos on a particularly popular topic, you could film one comprehensive video on the topic, and then break it down into several shorter videos that can be released over time.


5. Plan for varying lengths of videos.

Not all of your videos need to be the same length. In fact, variety is key to keeping things interesting for both you and your audience. Plan out a range of video lengths so that you're not always working on projects that are too long or too short.


6. Use a video content calendar.

A video content calendar is a great way to keep track of all your ideas and what you're working on for each month. This will help ensure that you're staying on schedule and not overloading yourself with work. There are plenty of content calendar templates and software services available online, or you can simply use a spreadsheet to track your video plan and metric data.


7. Delegate and collaborate where possible.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, don't be afraid to delegate some of the work.

Ask friends or family to help with filming, editing, or even brainstorming ideas. You can also collaborate with other businesses in your industry to create co-branded videos.

If your business is ready for the added expense, you can invest in content coaches or marketing teams that can inspire your strategy.


8. Ask your audience for inspiration.

Don't be afraid to ask your audience for inspiration.

Crowdsourcing can be a great way to get new ideas for videos and also see what topics people are interested in. You may be surprised to find that people are interested in something you hadn't previously considered.


Build a Video Content Rhythm for Your Year

With Video On Demand, you can drive revenue both through subscriptions and advertising. But don't feel overwhelmed by a need to shoot for the moon with your content availability.

Using the tips above, create a steady and consistent content creation and distribution flow that will keep your subscribers satisfied without burning you out as a creator and business owner.

With the help of a video content calendar, you'll be able to create an excellent flow for your customers to enjoy. Keep it as simple or complex as you like - just make sure it works for you!


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